Seven Photojournalism Tips by Damir Sagolj

The Thomson Reuters Foundation has created this short and extremely informative video featuring Bangkok-based Reuters photographer Damir Sagolj sharing his seven tips for taking good photojournalistic pictures.

One of the best pieces of advice he gives is researching before you begin your assignment. “[The] story doesn’t start the moment you land in the country,” says Sagolj. “It starts way, way before. You have to know a lot. You have to know almost everything about the places and the story that you will possibly cover in the future.”

The video is comprised almost entirely of Sagolj’s voiceover and his photographs, which are of an incredibly high standard and a great introduction for people like me who have not seen his work before. While his intent is to help you take better news photographs, his advice also holds true for other kinds of photography.

To see more of Sagolj’s photographs, you can visit his Reuters blog and his absolutely fantastic PhotoShelter page.

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