From The Outside Looking In

My friend Esha Pandya is an extremely talented interior designer and part of Flamingo Interiors Pvt. Ltd., which recently designed a boutique in Mumbai’s Colaba area. She asked me to photograph the finished boutique for their portfolio, and I happily agreed. This was my first experience shooting interiors (and, well, the exterior also) and it was a challenging and learning experience.

The most important thing I learned early on in the shoot is that I’m a big fan of natural light. Seriously, big fan. That’s not to say that the store is badly lit. The lighting – and everything else about the design of the store – is absolutely fabulous. But after an hour of shooting indoors, when I stepped out and shot the interiors of the store through the open front door, I got the absolute best photograph of the day.

copyright Flamingo Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

As cheesy as this sounds, the store was bathed with natural light and looked absolutely beautiful. The Flamingo team personally oversaw every single aspect of the design from the marble and upholstery to the chandelier and mirror to create the French Baroque style of the store, and the natural light did justice to how elegant and gorgeous the store is.

They were also great with giving me direction and letting me know exactly what they were looking for with the photo, which is why we were done shooting the entire store in three and a half hours. Across my entire career (spanning three professions), I have never seen a team so efficient. Mad props to them for making my life easier! Towards the end of the shoot, when I’d been looking at the store through my viewfinder for over three hours, Esha asked me to step away from the camera and to just look at the store. That’s when I really paid attention to the details – the upholstery was champagne and pink, and the floor was cream and black. Those are important details to remember when you’re blurry-eyed at the computer trying to make sure the white balance and colours are accurate.

copyright Flamingo Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

To see more of their work, you can visit the Facebook page for Flamingo Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

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