Colours Of The Sea

In December 2011, I visited Sri Lanka on what ended up being a fantastic college reunion of sorts. After an afternoon swim and delicious lunch on Unawatuna beach, a tiny Sri Lankan beach with clean, cold, gorgeous waters I could spend all day in, I took a walk to catch the sights and sounds and ended up getting this photo among several others. I looked out onto the water and saw this boat just floating on the sea. I could see people’s heads bobbing about near it, so I presume the occupants of the boat jumped off for a swim, but I kept them out of the frame because what first caught my eye really was just an empty boat out on the sea.

copyright Shivani Shah

And it really was so blue. During the day. The evening was an entirely different story. We had spent the next day at Cantaloupe Aqua and were all in food coma after an excellent – and very large – late lunch. We were just listening to music and sipping our cocktails when the sky suddenly turned a fiery orange. Within minutes, it was the deepest pink I had ever seen.

copyright Shivani Shah

The sky painted the ocean pink, and before I knew it the sun had set and it was completely dark. The best thing I learned that day was to always, always keep my camera handy. The sun set so quickly it would have been impossible to get this photo If I had packed the camera up because we were doing pretty much nothing. And that would have been a real shame.

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