Experimenting With Lights

copyright Shivani Shah

My first time shooting with artificial lighting was a Sunday afternoon in November 2011. I was bored, so I suggested to my sister and brother-in-law that we try some type of photography experiment. At this point I wasn’t aware that we had lights at home that we could work with, but after trying to figure out what we could do (with just the things we had at home), we decided to pull out the lights, scour the kitchen for props, and photograph some jewellery.

We tried various different sets using mugs, trays, all sorts of earrings and necklaces, and a black backdrop, but the best photos of the day were simple – a glass and a necklace. I learned several things that day, the most fun of which was playing with shadows. And sometimes, when it comes to accessorizing a shoot, less is more.

We had set up a shot and were taking a break when I noticed the light from the window filtering through the glass. I took a photo before we started using the lights again, and it might be my favourite photo the day.

copyright Shivani Shah

Like I said before, big fan of natural light.

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