Black And White And Shades Of Grey, Vol. 1

copyright Shivani Shah

It’s no secret I’m a fan of black and white photographs. With any given collection of my work, you will find that easily half of the photographs are in black and white. Why? I just like they look. It’s that simple. The colour doesn’t necessarily add something to the image, so I check almost every image to see how it looks in black and white. More often than not, I’m happier with the results.

This isn’t necessarily true for all types of photography, of course. It’s very important at weddings to have a good balance of black and white photographs, because I’m sure a lot of planning goes into the decoration, the menu, the lights, and of course the ever important bridal outfit. I can’t imagine too many couples would be thrilled with a wedding album entirely in black and white. The same reasoning applies to events, parties, showers, etc. as well. My favourite times to work in black and white are concerts and travel.

copyright Shivani Shah

Take this photograph of the building under construction in Hong Kong, as an example. The colour image was boring. BORING. Just blue skies, the blue sea, and a lot of buildings. With the black and white image, I’m actually not looking at any of that. The focus of my photograph has shifted entirely onto the giant crane and bamboos jutting out everywhere, which is where I wanted it to be in the first place.

Next time on Black and White and Shades of Grey: concerts.

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