Reading The Signs

copyright Shivani Shah

There are signs everywhere. I don’t mean “the universe is showing you the way” kind of signs, but actual signs put up by humans to indicate something. They could be the “no parking” signs that seem to be everywhere or directions to some place, whether as elaborate as highway signs or as simple as what floor of the mall the cinema is on.

One of my favourite signs is the one in the photograph above, which was taken at the Café Moshe in Colaba. Before taking the ferry to Alibaug for the weekend a couple of years ago, my friends and I were having a late breakfast at Moshe and I spotted the sign right above our table – “Sit Long. Talk Much. Laugh Often”. It’s exactly what my friends and I do regularly over cups of coffee, and I thought it was the perfect and most welcoming sign for a café.

However, I do believe that the best sign I’ve seen was on Peel Street in Hong Kong. We were just walking around and exploring the city when this little handwritten sign outside a store stopped me in my tracks – “Please mind your head if a hobbit”. It’s not the prettiest sign, I’ll give you that. But it’s most certainly not what you’d expect to see, and once I had recovered from my fit of laughter I had to get a photo of it.

copyright Shivani Shah

There are signs everywhere. If only more of them could make you smile.

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