Black And White And Shades Of Grey, Vol. 2

copyright Shivani Shah

In July 2011, a new monthly concert series called Live From The Console began at Mumbai’s Mehboob Studios. I attended a few of the shows, camera in hand, and thus began my first concert-shooting experience.

copyright Shivani Shah

One of the first things I learned at these concerts was that, with all the coloured lights on stage, focusing was very difficult. To counter this, I switched to the monochrome setting on my camera and started shooting in black and white. As I shot more concerts, I realised I liked how the photos turned out far better in black and white than in colour.

copyright Shivani Shah

I love the play of shadows in black and white concert photographs. Funnily enough, despite shows being dimly lit there are lights all over the stage that are constantly moving, which can be frustrating at times but can also result in some great photos.

I’d love to do an entire series of black and white concert photos. Hopefully, over time, I’ll be able to add some big names to the list.

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