Straight Out Of Camera

copyright Shivani Shah

Processing your digital photographs is the norm these days. What software you use is irrelevant; it’s safe to say that every photograph is processed to some degree. They could be minor adjustments – contrast, saturation, brightness, small crops etc. – or they could be more drastic and involve manipulating the photograph. But every once in a while, you take a photograph that you think needs no editing whatsoever – the photograph looks good straight out of camera.

The SOOC photographs are rare (for me, at least). The only one from my collection that comes to mind straight away is the photograph above at Pottinger Street in Hong Kong. I couldn’t tell you how I took it, because I don’t remember. We had spent the evening looking for Halloween costumes and were tired from the flight and walking about so much. At some point I think I stopped even thinking about what I was shooting – as long as the exposure reading through the viewfinder looked alright and the crop wasn’t too badly off, I was happy to take the photograph.

When I started processing the photos from my vacation, I made some adjustments to this one too. But I realised that I was undoing every single adjustment and going back to the photo SOOC. So I decided to just leave it this way. And I’m happy to say that I love it.

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