Telling Stories

copyright Shivani Shah

Photographs are great for capturing a variety of things, and by putting the right photographs together you can sometimes tell a story. Take, for example, the collage above from Sri Lanka. I’ve kept my friends out of it, but it encapsulates our trip entirely –  a lot of time spent on the beach, and a lot of shots.

copyright Shivani Shah

You can also use a collage, diptych, or triptych to create a series of photos around a theme. The triptych above is of prominent landmarks in Hong Kong – (from left to right) Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan, Murray House in Stanley, and the Bank of China Tower and Cheung Kong Center in Central. By putting them together, I’ve shown three different styles of architecture, and been able to show the diversity of Hong Kong, in the same frame.

If you could create a collage to tell a story, what event in your life would you pick to showcase?

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