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In No Great Hurry – 13 Lessons In Life With Saul Leiter

As I’ve said numerous times before, I love black and white photography. This is exactly why I’m looking forward to watching In No Great Hurry – 13 Lessons In Life With Saul Leiter, a documentary about the man who is widely regarded as the pioneer of colour photography.

I’ve only been pursuing photography for three years now, and it’s a little too soon for me to declare with any degree of certainty that I am better at or prefer one style of photography over the other. So while I favour my black and white photos over my colour photos, it may simply be because I need to learn more about working with or seeing colour. At the end of the day, it’s not necessarily about black or white or colour; as Leiter says, “I go out with my camera and I take pictures because I enjoy catching certain moments”. Simple.

Here’s a short trailer of Tomas Leach’s documentary. At only two and half minutes long, there’s plenty of words of wisdom from a man who has plenty to teach us.

If you want to know more about the film you can visit its website.